Casino Restaurants Of Italy

Casino restaurants are common. After all, nobody stays in a casino for a short time only. Most of the patrons would like to stay for hours. And when you are having fun, it is easy for you to forget that you need to eat.

Obviously, the casinos want this to happen but they still care that you get the nourishment that you need. This is why casinos usually have one or two dining facilities within the vicinity. Having it nearby will give the clientele a place to satisfy their hunger and thirst – while making it convenient for them to return to the games they started.

About casino restaurants

What is great about these casino restaurants is that they are usually very luxurious. Some casinos have snack bars or nightclubs that can satisfy the different tastes of the customers. However, there is usually one restaurant that offers fine dining facilities. These are usually the main dining area for the casino. They are as luxurious as the casino themselves.

Sometimes, these restaurants attract diners who are not there to play in the casino. They just want to experience dining in such a luxurious establishment. Of course, the casino will not spare any expense in hiring the best chef and staff to make the whole experience even more spectacular.

Casino restaurants in Italy

So what are the casino restaurants that you should visit in Italy? Well, it is easy to find them. You just have to look for the top casinos in the country and take a look at the restaurants that they have within the establishment.

Another option is to cook some Italian food at home and play at one of the online casinos. One good option is Bet365, check out the withdrawal time for bet365 here.

Here are some of your options.

The Seven Restaurant

Technically, this is in Switzerland. But it is in an Italian exclave within the country – so it is still very much a part of Italy. The Seven Restaurant is located on the seventh floor of the Casino Campione D’Italia. It provides a great view of the Lake Lugano and the greens around it. The dining area is quite spacious. It can seat up to 200 guests. The chef is proud of the secret ingredients they use in their dishes – all of which use the best and freshest local produce. The restaurant is only open from Wednesday to Sunday but it will be worth it if you can get a reservation. In case you happen to drop by and the restaurant is closed, you can always entertain yourself in the casino. There are several floors of entertainment opportunities like slot machines, Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, etc.

Ca ‘Vendramin Calergi

This is only one of the many casino restaurants in the Casino of Venice. It is a tribute Wagner, the great composer who stayed in Venice during his time. This classic restaurant also boasts of a sophisticated lounge bar that gaming visitors can frequent in the midst of playing in the casino. There are 150 seats that are scattered among three different environments: the Red Room, Yellow Room, and Sala Palma. The dishes are usually fish specialties and various delicacies. Among the other restaurant is the Ca ‘Noghera. It has a lot of dining options like a pizzeria, prosciutteria, and also a bar. Most of the diners are those who are taking a break from playing in one of the oldest casinos in Italy. The charm of the casino remains the same as when it was opened in 1638. It has French Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, and of course, slot machines.

These are only two of the casino restaurants you will find in Italy. There are more to choose from. Just ask the locals for the nearest casino and you should be able to find what you are looking for.