Where To Find Real Italian Food?

Are you looking for real Italian food? You would think that it is easy to find in Italy. Well, it is compared to other countries. But that does not mean you can go inside any restaurant and expect to be served with the authentic dishes that you are looking for. You need to find the best restaurant if you really want to eat the authentic Italian dishes.

About finding authentic Italian restaurants

How can you find these authentic Italian dishes? Well, you need to go to the authentic Italian restaurants first. But how will you find these restaurants so you can eat real Italian food?

First of all, you have to look for places that are frequented by the locals. Do not go for those that are common among tourists. It is more likely that these restaurants have altered the meals to suit the palate of the foreigners. If you want the real thing, go to places where the locals go and eat. These are usually found on off-beaten paths. You may want to venture far from the usual tourist spots to get to these places.

Another peculiar trait of the restaurant is that it should not be open continually. Italian restaurants that serve real Italian food are only open for 12 to 2 in the afternoon and then re-opens from 7:30 to 11 at night. If the restaurant is opened in between, these usually cater to tourists. Not only should you pay attention to the schedule, you should also consider the menu. It has to be in Italian – with no pictures.

These are only some of the characteristics of a great restaurant that serves real Italian food.

Some of the authentic Italian restaurants to try out

Here are some of the best restaurants that you can go to for authentic Italian dishes.

Er Buchetto in central Rome

This is a family business – and that is as authentic as it can get. Here, you can expect only world-class food to be served. This is a really small diner that has the best porchetta bar. Even their most simple sandwich, when paired with wine is quite spectacular. Of course, you can have the full porchetta place if you want to. But no matter what you choose to eat, you will definitely be enjoying an authentic Italian meal.

Antiche Sere Osteria Enoteca in Bevagna

There is a tiny village in Umbria called Bevagna where you will also find a great restaurant that serves authentic Italian dishes. Like the previous diner, this is also quite compact. It is right beside the Porta Garibaldi and is at the edge of the village. It only has 4 tables inside and 5 to 6 tables outside – with only one server for all of them. You can imagine how small it is. But when it comes to serving authentic Italian food, it will not disappoint. You will be served with regional dishes that only use the freshest local ingredients – with truffle being used extensively. The course usually includes a truffle omelette (antipasto), pigeon, rabbit or guanciale (main course), and soft ricotta with local honey.

Apart from these two, there are so many places in Italy where you can find real Italian food. You have some in Venice, Florence, and Verona. Just ask the locals to point you to the best restaurants that will satisfy your palate. It is guaranteed that they have a couple of restaurants in mind to suggest.