Top Restaurants In Sicily

There are many restaurants in Sicily that are worth traveling to get to. If you happen to visit the place, you should let your palate enjoy what they have to offer as well. There are simple dining facilities while there are those with Michelin stars.

About Sicilian cuisine

Sicilian cuisine actually shows traces of various cultures – all of which existed on the island over the past two millennia. The main influence is still Italian cuisine. But you will see traces of Greek, French, Spanish, and even Arab cuisines. Meals usually involves a mix of a starter, soup, pasta, main dish, sweets, fruits, and wine.

The Sicilian cuisine is really something that you should try out. Sicily is a place that enjoys the sunshine for most of the year – that means a lot of opportunities for produce to grow. The fact that it is also surrounded by the sea means seafood is a main part of the cuisine. That should be interesting enough for you to want to try out.

Best restaurants in Sicily

So what are the restaurants in Sicily that you should consider visiting?

Ristorante Hotel Signum

This restaurant is located in Salina, a peaceful island that has a refreshing mix of greenery and the blue waters. If you think that going to the island takes so much effort, you might change your mind when you find out that the kitchen is headed by Martina Caruso, a Michelin starred chef. This restaurant is a part of Hotel Signum. It is just as elegant as the hotel. There is a cocktail bar that is adjacent to the restaurant. All the dishes can be paired with local wines – both from Sicily and Salina. The restaurant offers 4 to 7 courses – each showcasing the wonderful flavours of the Sicilian cuisine.

Hostaria San Pietro

This is a popular restaurant located in Trapani, a beautiful seaside town in the western part of Sicily. This place has quite a character to it. The menu is handwritten and every dish on it uses the freshest produce from the local market. It also features the catch of the day from the boats. All of this combined makes this one of the best restaurants in Sicily. Among the specialties of the restaurant includes Cuscusu alla Tarapanese and busiate alla Norma. If the flavourful dishes are not enough, you will also be delighted in the fact that they are served in ceramic dishes that are exquisitely hand printed.

Osteria Rosso Divino

Finally, you have the Osteria Rosso Divino that is located in Taormina – specifically in the main piazza. The place is presided by Sicilian sisters. You can book your reservation online – which is honestly quite rare in this part of Italy. The kitchen has blue and white tiles where the freshest ingredients are prepared to come up with the most wonderful and flavourful Sicilian dishes. They have seafood, pasta, and the best wine selections. This place is definitely worth a visit if you want to taste the best of Sicilian cuisine.

As you can see, there are many restaurants in Sicily that will satisfy your palate. You should try one of them out to complete the overall experience of traveling to Sicily.